About Us

We are an international consultancy specialising in property research, acquisition, project funding and marketing. With a diverse and impeccable track record in several countries, including the UK, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and USA we offer a wealth of global expertise in the property and funding sector. We have the credentials to assist individual and corporate clients with property research, acquisition, funding or marketing. Our clients include:

  • Private investors
  • Pension funds
  • Property developers

Artemis Property

Artemis Property use their wide experience to source property throughout the world. Our current development opportunities include:

  • Natal in Brazil
  • The Algarve in Portugal
  • Costa Del Sol in Spain
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom

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Artemis Capital:

Artemis Capital is an international investor who provide investment to lenders and developers. Our dedicated team have over 100 years experience in the financial services sector. We carefully select projects prior to investment and full security is always required. Our exit strategy is always defined.

Our current projects include:

  • Working capital for pay day loan companies
  • Investment banking
  • Development finance